Titan Ion Energiser Wrist Band Medium

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Titan Ion Energiser Wrist Band Medium
Medium - Circumference 16.5 cm, Width 8 mm

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Medical research has shown that negative ions produce many positive health benefits which include:-
  • increased alertness
  • increased work productivity
  • help combat fatigue
  • relief from migraine headaches
  • reduction in severity of asthma attacks
  • increased lung capacity
  • normalisation of hormone imbalances
  • decreased depression, irritability and tension
  • improved concentration
  • enhanced physical performance
  • relief from allergies and hay fever
  • relief from sinus congestion and inflammation
  • less susceptibility to colds and flu
  • improved sleep and relaxation
  • enhanced immune system
  • improvement in breathing and filtering the effects of smoking through more efficient operation of cilia