Tachyon Energy Products

Tachyonised and energised products offer a wide range of applications. They polarize incoherent fields such as electromagnetic radiation (caused by electrical appliances, computers, TV, Radio, Wireless LAN etc.) as well as geopathic disturbances. The products can be used for improved energy levels, higher endurance, clearer thinking and a more relaxed approach to life, traveling, irregular sleep patterns, for pain management, meditation and spiritual awareness, and also to initiate and support the self healing forces and stabilize the aura. Tachyons neutralize harmful emissions caused by bar codes, industrial processing and chemical residues. They revitalize  and energize water, beverages and food so they are restored to their natural energetic patterns.

Created from silica glass (used to make computer chips) T3 Tachyon products are designed and developed by Fostac Switzerland and these products retain their special property throughout their lives and don’t need to be ‘cleansed’ or ‘recharged’.

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