"If humankind is going to make it to the other end of this century, it will only be by recourse to great Wisdom-Action, as presented in Prior Unity. And only together, as Earth-World all together—as one, not two. Profounder Wisdom is not available anywhere—nor more radical action. Drink from this source—deeply, from its infinite depth."

Rolf C. Carriere Former U.N. official, Senior advisor to Nonviolent Peaceforce


"It is a rare event in human history when a truly enlightened master speaks directly to the world situation, what must be done about it, and the consciousness from which all action, individual and collective, must proceed. This is a profound book. We must take it seriously."

Bob Anderson Founder, Chairman, and Chief Development Officer of The Leadership Circle


"Our essential oneness has been emphasized through the centuries by sages. The book Prior Unity highlights the essence of oneness, for action that generates results: knowing we are one; moving from competition to cooperation; being responsible; and refusing to play in ego-based, exploitative games. Prior Unity is an inspiring and profound call to action."

Monica Sharma International expert and practitioner of leadership development for sustainable and equitable change


Prior Unity is a path-breaking compilation of Adi Da’s teachings on planetary non-dualism. Individual and social cooperation can be expressed only through the responsible activism of an embodied, inclusive global community. Let’s make it happen!”

James B. Quilligan International economist


“Every human being who reads Prior Unity will re-awaken to the truth that we are not separate individuals, nations, and races, but members of one global family that arises and exists as an egoless prior unity. Read this book—and take responsibility, with all seven billion, for the earth and all of humanity as a single system.”

Hugh O-Doherty John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University


“This is a sacred book to be read from the sacred space within us that has never forgotten we have always been one and we can manifest this prior unity on earth straight away.”

Lisette Schuitemaker Author of "Alight", Chair of the Center for Human Emergence (the Netherlands), Chair of Trustees of the Findhorn Foundation