by Cieran Graham, Ireland, from Alanna Moore's Geomantic 35

Traditionally, geopathic stress has been associated with the influence of underground streams passing under one's house or office, and resulting in some form of ill health for the occupants. In strict definition terms, it is defined as an unfavourable reaction of the human, animal or plant's biological system as the result of exposure to radiations from the earth that would have been dowsed as detrimental. But in 2006, life is changing more rapidly than ever before and our health is not improving with these changes. Our hospitals are bursting at the seams. We have never had so many people working in the health industry, some would prefer to call it the health service, but either way it's under strain and to say the least, is not winning the game. Then we hear the arguments for why the health service is failing, consultants? Management? Bed shortage? Department of Health? _____ What about Geopathic Stress? Why not? It has equal validity to all the other reasons mentioned, so let us take a few minutes to reflect on how the influence of earth's energy has on our lives before dismissing it and how Earth is coping with the new influences prevailing in the environment compared to 50 years ago.

All life on this earth has evolved under the influence of cosmic energy, and the cosmos has also evolved with the earth being an intrinsic component of its living energy field. Our forefathers were very much aware of this close relationship with the cosmos and understood the influence that planets within our solar system had on our very survival. The great Earth monuments and megalithic sites that have survived for more than 5,000 years on this land are testament to their knowledge and foresight in harnessing and managing these energies for the generations that were to follow. Such structures were not built as glorious burial chambers to their former leaders, but rather they are unique energy centres through which both cosmic and earth energy were received, transmitted, processed, and managed, to enhance life on this earth and beyond. This energy was tuned, and became harmonic. Today we enjoy the results of a technologically advanced people whose work with natural energy influenced harmony in subtle energies many thousands of years ago and in no small way has contributed to specific elements that support our life on this earth today. It is now time for us to return to this technology and support the re-tuning of Earth's energy with the atmosphere and environment.
The energy created by and through the structures our forefathers designed can be measured to this day, through dowsing methods, or even simply by the amount of people who travel to these megalithic sites in their thousands on an annual basis and marvel in awe at their structure and simple beauty. On a scientific level, significant changes in the mineral content of water has been measured on samples charged at different locations on certain sites, clearly demonstrating that the sites have specific energies which have yet to be replicated by science, but which have a significant influence on the biological system.

This could be said in other words, that their spiritual being is moved by the spiritual energy of the structures themselves, spirit being another word for higher energy that is not limited by religious dogma or commercial influences and is freely available to all those who seek it. The technology used by our forefathers can still be used today to harmonise noxious energy in our environment. Such energies are being generated, for the most part, due to our ignorance of the subtle effects of electromagnetic transmissions on all life forms. Their source is found in the myriad of radio transmissions within our atmosphere:-

* Communication
* Electrical
* TV
* Satellite

It is their inter-reaction with naturally occurring Earth energies, that results an un-harmonic frequency which has an adverse effect on human, animal and plant biological systems. The influence on both the human and animal neurological system by exposure to this new form of environmental energy is not known at this time, but it is likely that it contributes to the onset of certain types of clinical depression.

In addition our environmental atmosphere is influenced by:-
* The structures we create and place on this Earth
* The way we design our houses
* The geometric form that the structure takes
* The design of energy flow to and from the building and within the building.

Feng Shui, the Chinese discipline of energy management is well known, while in Europe the art of Geomancy (placing structures on the Earth) is a much less documented technology but its application techniques are extremely relevant and potentially more suitable to coping with geopathic type stress generated by 21st century technology and living styles than Feng Shui. Why? When we look more closely at the reasons why geopathic stress is becoming far more prevalent at an exponential rate when compared to 50 years ago the reason becomes obvious.

Isaac Newton introduced a simple and enduring relationship character to us, "For every action there is an equal & opposite re-action." This has profound implications in our lives today, for every minute of every day there are literally thousands of artificially generated electromagnetic radio waves passing through everyone's body, organs, and cell. This radiation has not had its origins in nature nor have these energies evolved in harmony with nature. They have been designed and tuned so that naturally occuring energies from the earth and cosmos have the minimum influence on their transmission in order to improve their efficiency. In simple terms, modern radio transmissions suffer very little interference from adverse weather conditions, and are able to be received inside of most buildings without the use of an external antennae. Satellite surveillance transmissions depend upon the reflection of their transmission signal from the object being observed and this is also the case in terms of:-
* X-Ray
* Ultra Sound Scans
all of which depend upon the same technical principal. However in terms of low level satellite transmissions there is a growing body of evidence, which suggests that such transmissions may not be as benign as originally thought.

The Earth with all its living elements is a simple yet complex group of organisms that are all inter-dependent upon the reception of light and electromagnetic transmissions from our immediate solar system and also from cosmic energies beyond in the greater cosmos. However this essential form of life giving energy is now reaching us through a soup of man made, man generated radio frequencies, through which cosmic energy is now being filtered, or to say the least knocked out of tune before it reaches its intended target. In addition we have the naturally occurring earth frequency which also has to inter-react with all forms of man made radio transmissions, coupled with corrupted cosmic energies, which results in an un-harmonic environment that is detrimental to specific biological life forms.

How does this new environment affect us humans and our friends in the animal kingdom? Because our environment is changing so rapidly, we have not recorded all critical elements that have an immediate effect on our health, coupled with the fact that we have a limited range of instruments to identify one of the most influential of these energies, namely radiation! We are all aware of radiation from radon gas and the hot spots associated are known throughout the country. However, radon gas is only one of the many unstable gases that are released from the Earth, and there is growing evidence that such noxious gases are been released at an increasing rate. This is based not on field studies of radiation levels, but rather by analysing an increase in the rates of debilitating health disorders whose origins can be traced to an in-balance in the individual's blood.

So let us briefly look at this health trail, low level radiation is absorbed into the bones, blood is manufactured in the bones, change the resonant frequency/energy field of the bones, you change the cellular structure of blood! How does this manifest itself in the body? Disorders of the blood will be influenced by this change of energy, so we can list leukaemia, certain other forms of cancer such as non-Hodgkin's, food allergies, MS, & ME and certainly some neurological disorders. Due to the rise in the Earths temperature which we are currently experiencing the breathing pores of the Earths skin, namely the Earth surface, both above and below water level, will become more open, with the result that we can expect to observe and be witness to an increase in the levels of radiation being released into the atmosphere. Unfortunately we also have to contend with the reception of increased cosmic radiation due to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Over the past ten years my research has identified one particular natural Earth energy influence that to the best of my knowledge has been overlooked as a critical influence in the health and well being of animal and human life living in its immediate area. I am referring to the existence of echoes. When we find the existence of an echo in rolling countryside we will find health problems close by. What I am referring to is, where we find an echo in a field for no apparent reason, because there is no structure to explain the existence for the echo. In such a case we can explain that the echo is due to a wall of energy rising out of the ground (an earth energy breathing hole). In such a scenario, a man made sound resonates off or is rebounded off an invisible wall of energy. The breathing hole of Earth energy may very well be coming from deep within the earths crust, and according to my case studies contains a certain level unstable radio active isotopes, or radiation. This phenomenon has gone un-noticed by science and environmentalists and as a result we are building some of our houses / estates in extremely unhealthy areas, and within a short period of time a pattern of illness soon emerges. It is in such areas that I have been able to explain the existence of health clusters, or health black spot, where there is an abnormally high level of cancer and or, neuromuscular health problems. In such cases, we find the health authorities will hide behind the mantle of the scientific body, who fail to explain the reason for the high concentration of ill health. At the same time they will dismiss the influence of geopathic stress and its adverse effect on human health as having no scientific credibility. Our inter-reaction with sound frequencies is as old as music itself. When we hear music that resonates with our soul we respond immediately, by

* Movement of body
* Alteration of brain frequency
* Alteration in mood
* Respond in song or dance

If the music is not of our taste, not in harmony with us, we will feel down, maybe get a headache, and will certainly remove ourselves from the source of such a sound. Now I am certainly not hoping for any positive response from the scientific world on the potential adverse influence of echo centres in the land based on my findings, however if find your health is out of balance and there is an echo near your home or work place, then the cause of your ill health may be due to leaking radiation from deep within the earths core.

Now the good news is that nature has given us the means to harmonise energies such as geopathic stress, and even the harmful effects of the afore mentioned echo centres, in effect neutralising their adverse influence and allowing us to create a truly harmonic environment where our physical, emotional, neurological, and spiritual energies can really shine and grow. We can use the simple yet beautiful forms of placing stones in the Earth in specific but simple geometric forms, carve the stones to tune them to the required frequency. We can use flowing water, or create labyrinths in the ground, we can use plant life likewise, to bring harmony to the land. In other words we can tune into the Earth elements, assemble an orchestra and dance, sing and live in harmony on this Earth for the good of our own health and that of our family and neighbours with the elements that Mother Nature has placed at our feet.

© Ciaran P. Graham - 9/11/2006