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Health and EMR

It is becoming very clear that wireless technology, i.e., general electromagnetics (EMFs, EMRs, wifi, mobile phone frequencies, portable phone frequencies, TV, radio, etc.) are damaging cell membranes, which has many effects on our health.

One of these has been recently shown by Dr George Carlo - he showed that when autistic children were given even a part-time EMR-free environment, they began to excrete heavy metals, with many reacting as if they had suddenly come out of a fog.
Dr Carlo is the establishment scientist contracted by the phone industry in the early 90s to show there was no issue with EMR. As it turned out, he found that there were major issues, and became a researcher/activist for alleviation/reduction of these influences.

His recommendations for minimising the effects of these are listed below, along with some by Dr Mercola, and a few additions by me. His website is also listed below, where you can find a lot of further information and background to this issue.
Please pass these on to anyone who's open to it.

Consider some of the repercussions of this finding:

  • EMRs can magnify any other health issue you may have. Said another way, EMRs are 'promoters' of health issues, when they don't actually initiate them.
  • EMRs are often taken by the pineal gland, our master gland, sensitive to light, as actual light because the frequencies are very close. The result is that sleep can be disturbed as the pineal is confused about whether it's night or day.
  • When cell membranes shut down (in self-defence), there is a build-up of toxins in the cells, water finds it hard to enter to do its job (transport, hydration, etc.) within the cell.
  • Chelation (removing heavy metals from the body) is made difficult or impossible - hence the link to autism. See info on Dr Carlo's site.
  • Your mobile phones, portable phones, and wi-fi are harmful to your health, and even more so to the health of children (thinner bones, actively growing)

Increase your body’s resistance to EMR damage: Maximize your health

  1. Increase intake of natural oxidative stress fighters, such as antioxidants, melatonin, vitamins B, C, E and folic acid.
  2. Eat fresh, chemical-free, organic meats, fruits and vegetables.  Limit heavy metal build-up by knowing the
  3. source of your fish and other meats. Main sources of heavy metal ingestion are fish, poultry, meats
  4. and tap water.  Eat organic whole grains – test for allergic responses.
  5. Eliminate/minimize caffeine and alcoholic beverages, especially distilled liquor.
  6. Drink carbon filtered water. Primarily use glass or ceramic containers. Limit bottled water in plastic bottles.  Use recycled paper products for drinking and eating; avoid plastic or Styrofoam.
  7. Exercise and stretch daily to increase metabolism, not to train or work out. Breathe slowly and deeply. Surround yourself with nature as often as possible.  Do sweat and clean lymph.
  8. Minimize exposure to chemicals. Use chemical-free, natural products as they are often gentle on your body
  9. and the environment. Avoid chemical cleansers – vinegar, salt and baking soda work extremely well.
  10. Take cool or lukewarm showers/baths, instead of hot.
  11. Avoid/minimize exposure to bright and fluorescent light. Use subdued full-spectrum/natural incandescent bulbs or candle light as much as possible. Increase melatonin naturally by sleeping in the darkest room possible.
  12. Get up to a couple hours of sun exposure daily unless Electrohypersensitivity won’t allow it. When exposed, wear light-colored clothing and hat, if needed.
  13. Take time daily for personal silence.
  14. Consult a person experienced in EMR sensitivity.

Minimize your EMR exposure:  Decrease hazardous risks.

  1. Minimize all exposure and usage of wireless communication: cell phones, cordless phones, and WiFi devices.
  2. Turn cell phone off when not in use and sleeping. Never keep it near your head or use it to play games, movies, etc.
  3. Keep cell phone at least 6-7 inches away from your body and others while on, talking, texting and downloading.
  4. Use air tube headsets or speaker mode when talking. Wireless and wired headsets still conduct radiation!
  5. Never keep cell phone in pocket, purse, back or on hip all day. The hip produces 80% of the body’s red blood cells and is especially vulnerable to EMR damage. Close proximity may also affect fertility.
  6. Do not talk on cell or cordless phone when pregnant, with a baby/small child in arms, under age 16, or while in a vehicle (car, train, plane, subway). Radiation gets trapped and is higher in these closed metal zones!
  7. Minimize other EMR exposures to developing fetus via Ultrasounds and Electronic Fetal Monitoring unless absolutely necessary.
  8. Replace all cordless and WiFi items with wired, corded lines (phones, Internet, games, appliances, devices, etc.). The cordless phone base emits high levels of EMR – even when no one is making a call.
  9. Minimize/space out computer use, sit back from the screen; flat screens are preferable. Use wired Internet connections, not WiFi – especially for laptops. Keep laptops off of the body and away from metal surfaces.
  10. Keep a low-EMR sleep, home, and personal zone. Move alarm clock radio at least 3 feet from head or use battery power; 6 feet is the recommended distance from all electronic devices during sleep. Avoid waterbeds, electric blankets and metal bed frames. Futons/wood frames are better than metal-coiled mattresses and box-springs.
  11. When using electric stoves, cook on back burners instead of front, as much as possible. Metals attract EMR: keep them away from and off of the body. Use glass, cast iron and uncoated pans to cook with.
  12. Measure EMR from wireless and wired devices with appropriate meters (see To decrease exposures, install EMR filters and preventive technologies to electrical circuits, devices, appliances, etc. (See other pages on the website above)  

Dr Mercola's Tips to Limit Your Damage from Information-Carrying Radio Waves

There quite simply is no safe biological threshold for exposure to information-carrying radio waves, and there is, quite honestly, little you can do to avoid them 100 percent. But you can reduce your, and your family’s, exposure by taking the following commonsense precautions:

  • Limit the amount of time you spend on a cell phone or cordless phone.
  • Use a wired headset to limit your exposure to the cell phone -- ideally, an air tube headset that conducts sound but prevents any radiation from traveling up the wire to your brain. Also make sure the wire is SHIELDED, which prevents the wire from acting as an antenna that could attract more information-carrying radio waves directly to your brain. Wireless BlueTooth headsets should be avoided.
  • Limit your exposure to WiFi routers. Find out where they are located in your work environment and stay away from them.
  • If you have any land-based (non-cellular) portable phones, do NOT use anything other than the 900 MHz phones as the Gigahertz phones stay on continuously, blasting you with information-carrying radio waves 24/7.
  • Use the speakerphone instead of putting the phone to your ear; this is probably one of the single most important steps you can take other than not using your cell phone.
  • Limit calls inside buildings.
  • Use the phone in open spaces rather than closed or metallic ones as often as possible.
  • Limit use by children and pre-adolescents, or don’t let them use cell phones at all. Children’s developing nervous systems and thinner skulls are simply too vulnerable to cell phone damage.