by Martin Oliver, Living Now

Most human beings now live in a sea of invisible electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that is millions of times stronger than anything encountered during our long evolution as a species. Networks of towers and base stations emit a cacophony of radio, TV, wireless internet and mobile phone signals. Further emissions are produced by domestic appliances such as computers, microwaves and hairdryers. Metal objects in your living environment can attract and re-radiate these energies.

 As modern technology has evolved, we have seen a proliferation of communication devices utilising microwave frequencies. Australia has reached a point where there are now more active mobile phone connections than there are people. During the 1990s, analogue mobile phone technology (using a continuous wave) was replaced with its digital equivalent (which being a pulsed digital signal is widely considered to be potentially more harmful to the human body).

Another fast-growing area of microwave-based communication is wireless internet, also known as Wi-Fi, which has been invading facilities such as schools, cafés and libraries. Despite the concerns that wireless technology has aroused overseas, the introduction of small wireless base stations continues unabated in Australia.