Tibetan Medical Bracelet

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Tibetan Medical Bracelet
This bracelet, made from traditional combinations of five metals, subtly influenes the five elemental and planetary energies circulating in the human body. Worn on the wrist it is said to assist in harmonising these energies, and is a positive influence on our general health and well-being.


Since ancient times Tibet has developed its own unique medical and astrological traditions. No Tibetan doctor can qualify without a sound grounding in the medical astrology of the planets and elements. Many aspects of this are fascinating in the uses of specialised Tibetan herbs, acupuncture, moxibustion, amulets and other devices. An important aspect of this tradition is the theory of elemental pulses which circulate within the body along channels called Tsar. Each of these channels carries elemental energies and are related to the five planets and elements of the Tibetan astrological- medical system. They are five types of energy which, in multifaceted ways, underlie the health of our body & the state of our mind.

The condition of these five elemental energies can be ‘read’ by the Tibetan doctor through a system of pulse diagnosis, whereby the condition of the elements can be ascertained as they pass through the subtle pulses in the wrist. This is a highly developed science and the skill takes many years to acquire. When the elements are balanced then good health results. When the energies are in a condition of disharmony and imbalance, illness eventually results.

The Tibetan Medical Bracelet subtly imparts the positive effects of the five metals to the five elemental pulses whilst it is worn around the wrist. This traditional design permits all metals to come into direct contact with the skin, and its pattern, representing interlaced Dorjes or Vajras, is also said to impart a beneficial influence to the wearer. The Dorje is a stylised lightning bolt. In Tibetan symbology its flashing electrical energy is said to dispel negativity at all levels of ones being.

The effects of the METALS according to traditional Tibetan medicine are:-


  • improves blood flow & consistency
  • dries up watery infections & conditions
  • purifies the blood


  • cures and prevents fevers of liver & lungs.
  • dries up excess fluid & swelling in the joints


  • promotes the healing  of wounds,
  • helps regrowth of skin and flesh after injury
  • expels poisons from the body & dries up infections


  • improves eyesight and
  • improves various eye disorders
  • alleviates hives, acne & various skin problems


  • strengthens the liver & eyes
  • improves eye condition
  • antidote to poisonous lead in the body

No claim is made in Australia for the therapeutic effects of this bracelet beyond the accuracy of the information regarding the Tibetan views on the subject.