Bat and Bagwa hanging

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Bat and Bagwa hanging


The Bagwa (or Bagua or Pa-Kua) consists of eight sacred emblems sometimes called trigrams, directions or activities. It is used to encourage the flow of Chi (life force) which is regarded as the primary building brick of the universe.

The Bagwa is said to have been born on the back of a creature that rose from the deep at the dawn of time. The secrets of the universe are believed to be contained within. The Bagwa can be used in Feng Shui to balance and move Chi.

The bat symbolises good luck as the words for Bat and Good Luck are homonyms.

On the other side of the golden talisman are the symbols of the nine stars, the Turtle and Snake and the crossed swords, which further emphasize protection.

60mm or 2.5" diameter